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A.L.D’s son Franklin Dennison took over the firm and changed the name to Dennison Watch Case Co. Ltd

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A.L.D was the first in Europe to introduce goldplated watch cases.

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A.L.D produced 100,000 high quality watch cases per annum under the name of Dennison, Wigley & Company.

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The very beginning of the Dennison legacy with A.L.D registered patent no. 356 for screw-back watch cases to be air and watertight.

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A.L.D moved his family to Birmingham, England, via Switzerland, as he spotted a gap in the market for the mass production of high quality watch cases with Great Britain having the world’s best watchmakers at the time.

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Aaron Lufkin Dennison founded Waltham Watch Company with two other colleagues which grew to become the largest watch manufacturer in the U.S.A. at the time.

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